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Welcome to the Medical Support Union

Empowering and supporting doctors 


We are an independent organisation run by doctors for doctors, providing support and services to put you back in control of your life and career. Medical professionals in the UK now face unprecedented levels of pressure from social and economic change, technological advances, new legislation and government policy, and new regulatory burdens.

Due to a variety of circumstances many doctors now find themselves increasingly deprived of the vital infrastructure and resourcing that is needed to deal with these challenges and successfully manage a fulfilling working life.

One of the major challenges facing many doctors is how to meet the new Enhanced Appraisal and Revalidation process, which entails an administrative burden totalling hundreds of hours annually (involving CPD, Peer Group Planning, Appraisal reviews, portfolio management).

The specific issue of Relicensing aside, as doctors we face a huge task of running our professional lives, documenting and collecting evidence of our practice, complying with an ever increasing list of mandatory requirements and liaising with the variety of agencies that are essential to maintaining our professional status.

The pages of this website will tell you more about how we can help you with the innovative services we provide to individual doctors and healthcare organisations.

We provide support and services that redress these imbalances, putting you back in control of your professional life, enabling you to excel in your work for patients and to enjoy a career that should be inspiring and rewarding.


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